106-th anniversary of Petko Staynov’s birth.
The 106-th anniversary of the birth of the composer Petko Staynov was marked on December 1, 2002. In connection with the anniversary, the “Petko Gruev Staynov” Foundation organized a visit to Petko Staynov’s Home by a group of friends and adherents from Sofia, among whom was Prof. Dr. Anda Palieva, Deputy-Minister of Culture. | more>>
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The establishment of this site was supported by the National Center for Museums, Galleries and Fine Arts at the Ministry of Culture.

PETKO STAYNOV’s HOME was established by “Petko Gruev Staynov” Foundation in the composer’s native house, 13, “Acad. Petko Staynov” St., town of Kazanluk. Subsequent to the restitution of the ownership over the previously nationalized paternal house – a cultural monument of nationwide significance – the composer’s heirs renovated it thoroughly and at the end of 1999 donated it to the Foundation to be used in accordance with Foundation’s goals.

PETKO STAYNOV’s HOME is a cultural center, comprising:

  • The “Petko Staynov” Permanent Museum Exposition, managed by the “Iskra” History Museum;
  • A musical hall;
  • Electronic archives.