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The electronic archives are intended for those visitors who wish to obtain in-depth information about the composer’s life, as well as for students and scientists researching his life, work and multi-faceted activities. It will begin functioning as of the spring of 2003 and will offer approximately 4 000 digital images of documents and materials contained in the collections of the institutions represented in the museum exposition. These will be categorized under the following headings:
- Publications about Petko Staynov in Bulgaria;
- Foreign publications about Petko Staynov;
- Originals, including Braille and printed editions of scores and parts of Petko Staynov’s works;
- Articles, interviews and other publications;
- Documents pertaining to prizes, awards and celebrations;
- Posters, invitations, programs for performances of Petko Staynov’s works;
- Photographs illustrating the composer’s life and public and musical endeavors;
- Petko Staynov’s correspondence
- Discography of Petko Staynov’s works;
- Miscellany
The archives will also offer the possibility of listening to recordings of Petko Staynov’s works and of watching films devoted to his life.
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